As a flight Instructor you will continue to hone your skills as a pilot while passing on your valuable knowledge and experience to newer pilots and fledglings. It is a noble occupation and one you can feel proud of. It also helps you to become a better pilot, having to rethink everything you've learned about flying up to this point. It is very satisfying helping others achieve their goals and dreams and helping them become better pilots.

Aeronautical Knowledge Requirements as Specified by FAR 61.185
Flight Proficiency in the Following Areas:

The Learning Process, Elements of effective teaching, Student Evaluation and testing, Course development, Lesson Planning, Effective Preflight and Postflight Instruction, Flight Instructor Responsibilities and Certifying Procedures, Effective Analysis and Correction of Common Student Flight Errors, Performance and Analysis of Standard Flight Maneuvers Appropriate to the Rating Sought.

Additional instructor ratings are available including tailwheel training, instrument and multi-engine.