george kirkish
George P. Kirkish

Plane & Pilot

Thirty-five years ago, during his first flight over the emerald jeweled Islands of the Puget Sound, George knew that he wanted to share this experience with others. George has logged over 20,000 flight hours as a commercial pilot, (mainly in tailwheel airplanes) he holds an IFR instrument rating and is a CFII Instrument Instructor.

His new 2000 Maule, a proven Alaskan bush plane, is unsurpassed for it's rugged reliability and safety. The Maule comfortably holds 4-5 passengers including the user friendly pilot.

The Maule is the choice of bush pilots. Exceptional short field performance and maneuvering make it the perfect aircraft for all flying conditions. George maintains his aircraft and operates his Flight Instruction and Aerial Photography Service to the strictest standards of the Federal Aviation Administration.